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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sunset à Long Beach

Une image vaut mieux que 1000 mots, non ?
Je vous laisse donc sur une série de photos réalisées au couché du soleil sur Long Beach. Les couchés de soleil californiens sont de loin les plus beaux que je n'ai jamais vu...


A picture is better than 1000 words, right ?

So I leave you on a series of pictures taken at sunset on Long Beach. California sunsets are the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen so far...

2 comments on "Sunset à Long Beach"
  1. Comme c'est beau! rien de plus agréable que les couchers de soleils! ^^ j'espère que tu te plais bien en Californie <3




  2. I don't know if you will see this until your come back.
    But i wanted to tell you that i miss you more than ever, that my heart is broken, and keeps being broke everyday withou you.
    You are the love of my life Joanna.
    I try not to think about you, but everytime i am on my own, its the only thing i can do.

    I, loved you, love you and will love you forever❤