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My favorite series

I'm not very addicted to series. I am rather the girl who like to see over and over again the same movies (The devil wears Prada, Confessions of a shopaholic, Princess Bride)... Only girl's movies.

But these past few weeks, thanks to Netflix, I have discovered lots of series which I am very addicted now - I'm waiting impatiently the new episodes. Find my current favorite series below !

EMPIRE (2 seasons - 30 episodes of 43 minutes)

The story : Music series. Lucious Lyon is a former hip hop star, he is now leader of a major record label. His wife Cookie just released from jail and plans to settle accounts. The 3 sons of the couple are also in the game, Jamal and Hakeem, two young singers and Andrew, a businessman ready to do everything to take the head of his father's business.

Why I like it ? Why I like it? I'm a big fan of musicals so when they make a series (totally different style from Glee, with more stories...), I can only agree. The songs are so good - they are all already in my iPhone - and the performers are all brilliant. You have to see this in urgence.

HOUSE OF CARDS (4 seasons, 52 episodes of 55 minutes)

The story :  Frank Underwood, elected Democrat in the House of Representatives, helped Garrett Walker to become President of the United States in exchange of the promise to become Secretary of State. But the President haven't the attention to honor his promise. That's why Frank decides, with the help of his wife Claire, to destroy all those who may oppose to their projects.

Why I like it ? House of Cards shows the inner workings of American politics, with all this hypocrisies, bribes and blackmails. This series is incredibly addictive because the characters are really willing to do anything to get what they want, they are wicked, ruthless and we love it! And then we must admit, Kevin Spacey, is just crazy. Available on Netflix.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (4 seasons, 52 episodes of 55 minutes)

Le story: Piper Chapman is in jail for fifteen months because of money transport derived from drug traffic. The offense was carried out 10 years earlier with his ex-girlfriend, Alex Vause. She tries to make his place in prison, between traffics, networks and strong personalities of other inmates. Available on Netflix.

Why I like it ? Finally a series for women which change from Gossip Girl Style / Pretty Little Liars. The characters are attaching, we laugh, we stress, we scream, we cry... Really, we go through all these emotions. And this is not a myth, we notice that women may be meaner than men...

DAREDEVIL (2 seasons, 26 episodes of 55 minutes)

The story :  Following an accident, Matt Murdock became blind at the age of 9. However, he has developed other senses that allow him to have an exceptional acuity. Lawyer by day, he becomes Daredevil at night, to fight against injustice in New York, especially in Hell's Kitchen, corrupted by crime.

Why I like it ? I've always been a fan of Marvel, for as long as I can remember. It's been a while since I heard about this series and when finally I see it, I was captivated right away. The character is handsome and the acrobatics are really impressive. This series makes us dream, we imagine us in superhero, walking in the streets of New York to fight crime. I just love it. Available on Netflix.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY (5 seasons, 63 episodes of 45 minutes)

The story : Each season of the series has its own story, they are totally independent of each other. Each season refers to various events, historical figures, movies, urban legends, paranormal stories combining fear, psychological imbalance, sex and taboos of society. The actors in the series are recurrent.

Why I like it ? Because I love horror movies and paranormal stories. Don't ask me why, but I like it. American Horror Story is a super original series because each season is different. We can't be bored, that's impossible. And I must admit that Lady Gaga in the last season, plays his role perfectly.

And you, what are your favorite series ? 
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